Leadership and the Power of Trust

(Second Edition)

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When I read a book from cover to cover over the weekend when we've got sports going on, it's really good. I got some great things from it. A fascinating book.

Kate Delaney

Emmy-winning National Radio/TV Host

What I like most about Mike’s work is that he lays out practical steps, guidance, and examples based on his experience and from thinking about trust-building at a deeper level than most.

Ross Smith

Supportability Engineering Leader

What Leadership Specialists
Say About This Book

Trust is the bedrock of all effective relationships. And the way this book goes deep into what trust is and how to improve it is masterful. The first edition was one of my top three books on leadership. The new material in this second edition makes the book even more valuable.

Bob McKinnon

Director of Leadership Development
EXIT Realty International

Mike Armour’s second edition of Leadership and the Power of Trust is a "must read" for any leader hoping to establish a culture of trust and receive their follower’s trust. Through his extensive industry, consulting, and coaching experience, Mike provides proven frameworks and principles to guide leaders at all levels. Enjoy the read, but also keep it handy for ongoing reference.

Mike Hawkins

Executive Coach, Award-Winning Author,
President of Alpine Link Corporation

With enough power, any individual can accomplish much but no matter how much power they possess, what is accomplished cannot be sustained unless they are also deeply trusted. Mike Armour makes a truly important contribution to understanding successful leadership with this book. Any leader who wants to leave a sustainable legacy should have a well-worn copy of Leadership and the Power of Trust on their bookshelf.

Ron Holifield

CEO, Strategic Government Resources

Cover of Leadership and the Power of Trust

The Thrust of The Book

Leadership and the Power of Trust examines nine fundamental principles behind what I call Trust-Centered Leadership®. These are leadership principles which I learned to respect as a college president, while turning around a campus teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

The book identifies (and devotes detailed attention to)

  • fourteen arenas in which leaders must build trust
  • seven personal attributes of highly-trusted leaders
  • five things which people must feel in order to trust

The second edition expands on key chapters in the original version and updates research and statistics cited in the first edition.

In addition, this second edition adds a new chapter outlining a four-point strategy for building peak performance within the context of Trust-Centered Leadership®.

Also included is a new preface written by Ross Smith of Microsoft. His team made a highly robust implementation of principles in the book with striking results. His preface highlights the impact of that initiative.

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What Led to the Book

When I first wrote Leadership and the Power of Trust in 2005, I wasn't sure that there was a market for it. But I knew one thing. Whether recognized or not, an immense trust-crisis was infecting corporate life.

I came to this realization after encountering a recurring issue. Clients would bring me in as a leadership consultant to help them address some problem which was holding them back. Perhaps it was poor internal communication or a slow decision-making process or low customer satisfaction.

But inevitably, as I would peel away the layers of that issue, I found the same reality deep underneath. It was either an unrecognized, an unaddressed, or an unresolved issue of trust.

Once we put the trust issue on the table and began to deal with it constructively, an amazing thing began to happen. As trust built, the original problems began to resolve itself. Communication opened up. Collaboration increased. And operational silos began to dissipate.

Thus my decision to write the initial edition. That was followed with radio interviews on national talk shows, keynotes at huge conferences, and a steady slate of training engagements on trust-building leadership.

That experience led me to develop keynotes on Trust-Centered Leadership® and develop a website dedicated to the power of trust.

In the years since, as I've continued to keynote, train, and consult on trust-building leadership, I've gained additional insights on this subject, along with a fuller perspective and even greater passion for it. With the time approaching in which demand for the book was going to require a new printing, I decided instead to expand and update the original version and create a second edition.