Testimonials Which Clients Have Been Kind Enough to Offer

Comments from Event Planners

People still use him as a benchmark for my speakers. His presentation combined historical references with current events in such a way that everyone stayed on the edge of their seats.

—Mary Ann Markowitz
Institute of Management Accountants

Mike is an amazing speaker, with a remarkable ability to communicate great truth in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and insightful on multiple levels. He powerfully connects with our diverse audiences, ranging from front line workers to top executives. Maintenance workers and senior executives alike describe Mike's presentations as thought-provoking, practical and powerful.

—Ron Holifield
CEO, Strategic Government Resources, Incorporated

Mike was the final speaker at our annual convention and trade show in Fort Worth. He spoke on "Leadership in Tough Times" and was, frankly, outstanding!

But please don't take it from me alone. Here are comments written by attendees. (By the way, 100% of the attendees said that Mike's session met or exceeded their expectations. He disappointed nobody!)

  • Awesome!
  • Invigorating, insightful and inspiring
  • Great communicator; entertaining
  • A real surprise!
  • Love it!
  • Best seminar of the convention

In addition to giving our attendees a real treat, Mike was a total joy to work with before the event. He was incredibly organized, met all deadlines and made a real effort to get familiar with our industry so that he could customize his talk. As you likely know, these things are not a "given" when it comes to event speakers.

And of course, he achieved what all event planners hope a speaker will: He made me look really good for choosing him!

— Emily Matthews, CMP
Texas Self-Storage Association

Dr. Armour exceeded all my expectations of a keynote speaker. He displays an ever-present passion for leadership. And he exhibits the craftsmanship of a true veteran professional speaker on stage.

—Maggey Felix
Conference of Student Government Associations

Mike offers useful, practical tools which have immediate application for anyone in a leadership role.

—Richard Sanders
American Honda Motor Co.

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