As Your Keynote Speaker, One Thing Motivates Me above All Else…

…the Success of Your Event

On most topics, you could choose from dozens of people to deliver a keynote. But none is more devoted to a great outcome for your event than I am. My singular focus is to make you look good for selecting me as your speaker.

Collaborative Planning

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When you engage me to speak for your conference, convention, or corporate function, count on me to work closely with you, shoulder to shoulder, every step of the way, from initial speech design to final delivery.

Preparation for your event is a co-creative process in which you and I customize the keynote to your specific desired outcomes and to the overall purpose and theme of your event.


Signature Keynote Speeches

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Although I routinely add new keynotes to my standard offerings, people associate me with certain signature themes which I've consistently pursued for years. Because I've spent two decades writing, blogging, and podcasting about Trust-Centered Leadership®, several of my signature speeches relate to critical aspects of trust-building.

Other presentations look at leadership and management from perspectives which are commonly overlooked. And lately, I've been developing keynotes around the need for organizational agility, speed, and innovation.

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Custom-Designed Keynotes

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Perhaps you need a keynote speech researched and developed from scratch, including extensive interviews with key figures in your organization or industry. I gladly accommodate these kinds of requests, and at a reasonable research fee.

Obviously, this amount of customization requires longer-than-usual lead times. But I have turned around some in less than a month.

Examples of Customized Keynote Requests


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